Where are you located? -

Located on the East side of Cincinnati, Ohio in a little town called Amelia. About 12 minutes from the interstate going east on Beechmont/Main St. Our address is 64 East Main Street Amelia Oh 45102. There's lots of different ways to arrive if you don't want to use the main road - You will learn various routes as you come that will help you to miss traffic.

Landmarks - (Past Kroger on the right and before Walmart on the right)


What do I wear? - You should wear comfy clothes, something you can move easily in. Try to wear a shirt that is a little longer so you have some room to move freely while stretching.

What do I bring? -  Bring an open mind, this will be most beneficial. If you have a mat you should bring it, but we have mats you can borrow if you are just starting out. When you are ready we have mats for purchase. Water - always bring a water bottle with you, it is important to stay hydrated as well as flushing out any toxins that will be released through the practice.

How do I pay? - Your first class is FREE. If you decide to buy a pass after taking your free class then you get 10% off any pass you'd like. It is our House Newbie Special for everyone when they join. However, the offer is only good that day only and IN the studio. After that, you can purchase a pass in the studio or online. We accept Cash, Check or Credit Cards.