Class Schedule

We have various classes to suite many of your needs ranging from Beginning to Intermediate/Advanced.

Slow Flow Gentle Yoga - 60 Minute Class

Yoga is for EVERY body! - Whether you are living with chronic illness/pain, a trauma survivor, living in a larger body or just suffer from stress of daily life, this class will allow you to develop your own practice at your own pace. A slow paced and gentle class, this practice is designed to restore the nervous system and help release deeply held tensions from the body and mind. While gently stretching and strengthening the body easy instructions are given throughout. Everyone is encouraged to meet their body's needs with props, chairs and modifications.
This class is appropriate for students of all ages and levels including people that have wanted to try yoga but have been a little nervous to try it out.


Yogalates - 60 Minute Class

First half of class will be Beginning Level 1 Yoga stretching and strengthening the body, second half of the class will be pilates working on core strength, these exercises are done in a specific order one right after the other. You'll get stronger more sculpted muscles and gain flexibility. Moves may look simple but they take a lot of precision and control.


Deep Stretch Yin Yoga - 60 Minute Class

Suitable for almost all levels of students, Yin Yoga is a perfect complement to the dynamic and muscular (yang) styles of yoga that emphasize internal heat, and the lengthening and contracting of our muscles. Yin Yoga generally targets the connective tissues of the hips, pelvis, and lower spine.

While initially this style of yoga can seem quite boring, passive, or soft, yin practice can be quite challenging due to the long duration of the poses. We can remain in the postures anywhere from 1 to 5 minutes! Yin and yang tissues respond quite differently to being exercised. You need to experience this to really know what Yin Yoga is all about. After you have experienced it, even just once, you will realize that you have been doing only half of the asana practice.


Beginning Yoga Level 1 - 60 Minute Class

Level 1 classes are designed for both those who have had no previous exposure to yoga but are eager to learn and start experiencing the amazing benefits of a yoga practice and for those who have had some exposure to yoga, including an introduction to basic yoga poses and proper alignment. The beginner student needs slow-paced direction and a great level of detail so they can become familiar with basic yoga poses and use of the breath and would like to explore their practice and begin to become more familiar with poses and use of the breath.


Strength & Flexibility  - 60 Minute Class

This class is designed for those who have a good understanding of the basic yoga postures, and have begun to explore a wider variety of poses and styles. The intermediate student understands the relationship between breath and movement. There is a bit more cardio at this level as well as strengthening postures. Look for Sun Salutation, twists, and vinyasa flows at this level. This class will challenge you. This class strengthens, balances and detoxifies your entire body and mind as you move through more challenging postures and connected breath.
You are guaranteed to get a great sweat, improve strength and flexibility, and focus your mind. This class is safe for all levels and is intelligently sequenced to create long lasting benefits.


Yin/Yang Yoga - 75 Minute Class

Yin yoga was developed to penetrate deep into connective tissue expanding flexibility and aiding healing while stimulating the nadis or meridians to loosen energetic blockages and increase energy flow.

Yang yoga is the more traditional hatha or ashtanga based asana practice that develops muscular strength, stamina, and flexibility.

Yin/Yang Yoga is a Beginning to Intermediate Flow combined with Yin poses throughout. A great mix to balance out your day! This class flow begins with uplifting yoga with strengthening holds and then flows into more deep, slow yin postures to set you on your way for the rest of your day.


Morning Yoga - Mixed Level Yoga 75 minutes

This class is a unique blend of our Beginning Level 1 and Level 2 class. Easily adaptable to those that are brand new as well as those seasoned yogis. A harmonious blend of breath work, deep stretches, sun salutations and vinyasa flows will energize your morning to carry you through the day!
Please note - Sunday mornings have an added 15 min for guided meditation held at either the beginning or ending of class.

Yoga Basics - 60 minutes

Similar to Beginning 1 Yoga - However, this class will slow it down to "workshop" several poses so you can learn how your body feels, what to move around differently and when to breathe in and out.



All Levels


Come as you are! All classes are suitable for beginners, masters and everyone in between. These classes offer modifications so that you can customize your class to fit your specific needs and level of expertise.


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